Is That Wrong Being Single?

Why everyone so busy to take care of my relationship?
About a minutes ago my two friends just make fun of me, I know it was joking but it's like a sharp sword that turn my heart into a pieces! They told me that I am not normal and they said "I think you are homo, because We never seen you have a boyfriend"
Why??? Is that wrong if I didn't have any boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend because I just don't find a right person yet. They don't know me!!!
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They sound a little toxic. Just live your life the way you see fit.


yep, life is simple....

No its not wrong, its not like we are born with one and you lost yours. But if you have a list, then you may have a problem if it is the only thing you will accept. I had a list, glad I didn't follow it. Its been 22 years and we are doing fine. None of her physical attributes are on my list, but everything else is. Even if you find the right one, it is still a crap shoot as to how the changes of being married will affect them. There is no telling how that will go except in the other traits.

How you know that I have list??

Most people do, may not be written down, but we have one, the ideal, can't live without, cannot drop my standards. Its just part and parcel of wanting a home, a life, someone to share with, someone to love and be loved by.
Do you have a list?

yes I have a list... I wrote it down and I keep it in a jar :D
but it's not about "wanting a home, a life, someone to share with, someone to love and be loved by" but it's something about sign to make me easier to know that He is the one that God has given to me :)
Do you have a list?

Did, not now, I have found mine, and i do not look back, only ahead.

congratulation you have yours :) it's good news

most days, but she has been pursuing her dream for the past 18 months, and right now, me and the cats miss her.

what kind of the dream she had?

Kids are gone, it was her last chance for corporate glory, so, i told her go ahead and pursue it. She is a corporate trouble shooter for Finance, she has been on the road for the past 18 months, but will be home in May to retire, she is tired of the travel and feels she has made her mark, and met her goals. Not something a lot of folks would do I guess, but it was her dream. I could do nothing but support her in her quest.
What would you do? How do you view that from your perspective?

Hmmm... I'm not sure what would I do but I think I will take a step of faith and encourage myself

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It's worth waiting for. I am still waiting but I learned from other relationships that it's not worth going through heart break.

Let me know if you have got him :)
You know I have my own list for my future spouse, I think it's the best way to know that He is mine who given by God... someday.

No, it's not wrong to be single. The right person will find you at the right time. :)

thank you, I know the right one will find me at the right time :)

You are absolutely correct to want the right person for you...everybody does. Be open as well as honest with yourself, yet definitely do not expect perfection as no one is perfect. You are young thus never feel the pressure to enter into a relationship unless you are ready as well as willing....

All the best to you!

Thanks... all the best for you too :)

Yeah, because gay people don't have relationships.

I think your friends need to do a bit of growing up.

I think so...

Well I hope they do.

There are a lot of good people in the world, you don't want to waste your time hanging out with those who aren't.

you absolutely right :)