Being Single When Amongst Couples

Nothing brings home the pain of being single more than being the only single person in a group of married, engaged and otherwise attached friends. Today I experienced this to an excruciating degree when spending an evening with three happily married friends and their partners and they decided to watch their wedding videos. Needless to say the videos brought back happy memories for the couples and I was forced to endure endless public displays of affection, all the while having to smile and comment on how beautiful the bride looked etc. etc. After sitting through three of these videos and reliving everyone elses happy memories I finally said my goodbyes and proceeded to cry myself to sleep that night. What hurt me most of all was that none of the friends once considered my feelings, being single for a long time now. None of them have been single since meeting their current partners in high school so they probably don't realise how much this hurts and how lonely it can make a person feel. I can honestly say this is about the loneliest I have ever felt. I am quite confident and secure in myself normally but experiences like this break me right down so that I end up feeling depressed and worthless. I have a good sense of self and am not desperate for a relationship but this really hurts :'(
TabulaRasa26 TabulaRasa26
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1 Response Oct 5, 2013

There's a feeling I know all too well. I've been the only single person in my family for 6 years now. I have watched two of my older brothers get married, both their wedding receptions had me sitting at a table alone, drinking beer, after beer, while I watched all the other happy couples dance together, it's an empty feeling I'll tell you that much, and it's only a matter of time till my 3rd brother gets married, and I get to go through it again....