I am 23 and I am still single. I have had a couple of boyfriends but nothing serious. I am now at the stage in my life where I want someone to share it with me. I am really lonely. I get really depressed about this sometimes. I start to think that maybe there is something wrong with me. I see other happy couples together and I think why can't I have that. I am not into clubbing or pubs. I am a bit quiet and shy until you get to know me. How can I meet someone. Any ideas??

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thats exactly how i am! well except i'm nearly 22 and if you find out how to meet those kind of girls who dislike the whole pubs and clubs scene and is down earth share your secret, i'll try find the guys for you :D

Try an older gentleman!

u still there and with same problem?? try to contact me on abuhamzasim@gmail.com

Hey I noticed there aren't a lot of comments for your post. I just wanted to see how things are going? Did you find someone ???

You remind me alot of myself. I used to see couples and think to myself why can't I have that and etc. and over time I realised in order to have that, it just takes time and patience. If your anything like me you just don't want a relationship you want a great relationship and it's going to take time to find that person. As far as where to find that person you should try to get out and meet people in an enviornment that your comfortable in. I don't know what your into hobby wise but you definitley don't like clubs and pubs so stay away from those and start visiting places you do like and meet people with common interest and build off of that. And don't worry about being shy and quiet at first, those are qualities that some people will actually be drawn too friend wise and relationship wise, so remember to be yourself.

I understand how you feel... I too was / still am in this same predicament. There is nothing wrong with you, that's a fact. Silly right? I don't even know you either! There's nothing wrong with anyone, it's all about loving yourself and accepting yourself for your ups and downs. Someone will find you and love you for your pros AND cons (aka the things you think that may be wrong with you).<br />
<br />
I hope this helps you! Let me know how you are doing. Hang in there please!!!

It's tough to meet people that you really connect with.

im 16 but i feel the same way though, not about the sharing life though, im 16.<br />
but umm.... maybe you could date someone within your group of friends? i was thinking of asking my friends to set me up with someone, oh and by the way im male