Cant Keep a Man

i never get comfortable in a relationship because im sure it wont last... dont get me wrong i dont expect it to fail, i go into a relationship with all my hopes of this guy being the one, but it just always crumbles.

Im not ugly at all and im not the worst human being any has come across and as a girlfriend I think im pretty attentive and giving.

I have tried with many guys but it just never works out but then I see them be able to stay focused and hold it down in a relationship with some1 else

And dat makes me think that the problem is me, but I just dont see where im messing up. Because like I said, I think I'm a good girlfriend.

I guess my time will come and I just have to sit back and watch every1 else be happy with their "prince charmings" and their "admirable queens".

daprincessregardless daprincessregardless
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I feel the same sometimes but I when I think about it , I'm glad my previous relationships didn't work out and even if I tried them again, they wouldn't work out again. Some people are not ment to be together. You just haven't met the person that deserves the full you yet.

Do all you can to try and just be yourself. You must fully open yourself up emotionally. You will definitely feel that you are vulnerable to being hurt, yet you, at the same time, showing all that you are. Show your true self and only accept the person that loves you.

All the best!

Maybe you should try a more mature person.

Ive had the same problem :/ Never in my life have I broken up with someone. Its always them leaving me, and in a way I never really figure out why.

I was in a nine year relationship that ended years ago-I started that break up. Then I started dating again in early 2010 and it hasnt worked out with anyone yet. I am currently sad because the guy I want doesnt want a relationship,too.

I'm having the same experience so my heart goes out to you. I have to believe all the wrong ones are being weeded out so the right one could walk in.

It is you.<br />
The thing is many guys may not be used to your generous nature.<br />
They may not appreciate the attention and dedication that you give to them.<br />
And that is actually a plus because it leaves you open for the guy who will eventually supplement you.<br />
The one who will give to you as you give to him.

I am willing to try it with you if you would like too.<br />
Please contact me and let see where we go.

I know the feeling. I have the same experience. It gets frustrating when I watch a girl be a total b!tch to her man over nothing and he treats her like a queen. I would never be that mean to some one and yet I'm alone. Some times I think being nice and drama free is my down fall. I see all these totally messed up in the head women with good men. Where is my good man? All I get are guys who start out nice and then I notice they stop paying attention to me or they are always telling me to change things. What one guy says I should change another says to never change. I'm just trying to be me and patiently wait for the right guy but I will be honest and say I'm running out of patience.