False Facade

I moved out of state to find myself and did, but now I'm ready to plant my feet and it's not here. Everyone here is fake. My friends here, that aren't really friends try to take advantage of me all the time. But I'm so lonely that I hang out with them anyway. Knowing they don't have my interests at heart or that they really even care. So everyday I pretend and act happy, but really I just want to curl up in a ball and cry all the time. Sometimes I do. And sometimes I think, well, I moved out here so maybe I did this to myself?
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2007

First of all you didn't do this to yourself. You obviously moved out there for a reason...so don't blame yourself for this...it's not going to do you any good...that I can promise you.<br />
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Look at it like this. It's a test...life is a test and the trials in the mean time are only to teach us something that's going to help us later in life with another test. So your going to learn something improtant from this situation. <br />
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Don't count on other ppl to be anything. Don't expect things out of anyone but you. Know who you are and what you stand for and be that. Let ppl do what they are going to do because no matter what you do you can't change them and you'll kill yourself trying. I'm not saying don't hang around them I'm saying don't let them walk all over you. Stand up for yourself...be yourself...and this situation will pass. You'll learn and grow and be better for the whole thing. Take one day at a time and just enjoy life the best you can. Everything will work out...that I'm sure of.

Good on you for having the bravery and courage to move away in order to find yourself! <br />
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I think if stumbling into a group of not!friends is the price you paid for having that bravery, then that's ok. You still had more courage than many people, and you were successful in your goal!<br />
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Now all you have to do is learn the art of making good friends! :) Hey, it's easier than moving out of state, if you put your mind to it :D