In My Family

Sometimes I feel like I'm a relative stranger in my family. When I'm around them, I feel like I'm related to them but at the same time, I'm a stranger. I mean, it's like I'm on the outside looking in on them. They do the most annoying and obnoxious things and you can't tell them anything right or wrong about what and how they are.

For example, my mother passed away one year ago leaving a lawsuit in her name which really was my father's. My father had seven kids with my mother and three step-kids including two children my mother gave up for "adoption" to my aunts (one aunt was my mother's sister and one aunt was my mother's aunt, her mother's sister) but since the case was my father's, my older brother, Jerry, was supposed to disperse and distribute the money amongst his seven siblings. My half-brother, Alexzae, conned and manipulated Jerry into giving him the check for nearly $50,000 so he can find a lawyer to do it "properly" but my cousin, Pam, my mom's cousin got into the mix saying my mother owed her dad, who has since passed on $14,000 as written on a promissary note. The lawyer and the district attorney got ahold of the case and was saying that we all were and are my mom's children so we have to split the money with everyone, all of my mom's heirs.

So, even though I explained who all my dad's children were, who his children weren't, and why mom doesn't owe anyone anything, they still made sure to make it seem worse than what it was. Now we're all getting $2,100 each after she's paid my cousin, Pam $14,000 (because Pam has millions of dollars from her deceased father's estate and from her own money but she's being selfish to come after us for more) especially since my youngest siblings are living from piddle to post and so am I. Before I even got involved in the process of the case, my half-siblings were all talking about giving us, my dad's kids only $2,000-something while they took what was left which would have been up to $21,000 left over so basically, they were trying to pull a fast one on us so they all can split the money three ways for $7,000 each.

That is why I had to take over and get it cut fairly amongst us even if they were going to mad or upset about it. At least things would go fair. But now, it seems like people want to throw monkey wrenches (figure of speech) at me just because they have to settle for less than what they were going to get. We have nothing practically and everyone want to dip their hand in the cookie jar.

Honestly, when we were growing up what was wrong was considered right and what was right was considered wrong. I don't understand how they are still adults and still seeing things that way. I just want to get all of this over because it's too much drama.

Dimples87 Dimples87
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2010