Pissed Off

I know im fat. I freakin hate when I walking with my skinny friend and she would be like "oh my gosh im so fat" and she pulls out her skin tummy to show me! If you call yourself fat then what am I??? Now im usually the nice innocent fat girl,i will never say anything mean! I also hate when people tell me "well your still beautiful no matter how big you are." and usually i get that alot , girls... please tell me you would really go and call all that blubber pretty? If you would, you really got no respect when you lie to me.My family is nice and slim and im like the cow of the family! They act like they understand me but they dont! They dont support me! I have tried dieting and it always turns out "oh i will try tommorow". 
StillLoveYou StillLoveYou
May 7, 2012