I Am So Sick And Tired Of Being The Cool, Fat Friend

Story of my life...meet a guy we connect I am the one he calls to vent, confess too but he has another girl, One guy went as far a to say his girl isn't too bright but he doesn't have to bother cause he has me, Stupse. I tired of this ****. of being told...."you're pretty, if only you could come down a little". The thing is that I am good with my size, i would like to lose some for health reasons but my dietician had already warned me that i will never be small in now way conventional and and actually i like my curves. I do not see the word fat as derogatory in the least. But it seems to be boxing me into a specific role.  I always find myself in situations where I am the friend...often best friend and buddy. Sick of this,

Rassnat Rassnat
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Oh yea, these people always want to insult us and change us. Don't let them. Reject them like they rejected you.

I hear you! I was lucky (or unlucky) to find a guy who has a fat fetish. He actually thinks I'm too skinny! That's really cool because I can just be myself with him, and not worry about my weight (which I have also never had a problem with). <br />
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I know it's hard, but i just finally got to the point where I said screw it and stopped caring...<br />
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Good luck to you!