Lol Exactly.

i though the name of this group was a bit funny lol

but i am somewhat tired of being the nice 'fat' friend while 80% of my friends r very thin, pretty..etc.

plus, i'm way too nice to everyone. especially to the ones that have treated me badly in the past...

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

lmfaoooo<br />
<br />
how do u kno im not fat? i refuse to post pic on here that go lower than my chest lol....CREEPERS :|<br />
<br />
if u had an email address i'd so send u pic showing u that im a fat kid, or at least chunky.<br />
<br />
lol ok i'll tell them to eat haha

Ummmm you aren't fat. Maybe your friends all having eating disorders. Tell them to effing eat so that you don't look fat next to them.