Respect Your Damn Self !

I'm single and have never had a BF, by choice. I'm 24 now. 

Although at times i would really like one, yearn for someone to satisfy me sexually and intellectually. I look around at the state of relationship around me and it totally puts me off.

I would never WANT to be the other woman. I can't think of anything more DEPRESSING. To me, being the other woman sounds like being on drugs, you get high on 'BULLSHIT love' (i.e... he don't love you !) and then when you realise it, and he won't leave the family he has invested in and loves ( even if hes not feelin' his wife much at that point in time .. he will still love his kids ) you come down on a scary low.

Not only are you the ***** ( example as to how people may refer to or woman ) whom broke a family apart ( was that your intention .. probably not ) you wrecked a marriage, and the lives of many. Kids might not talk to parents, families (extended) will be arguing.

As a woman, i want nothing more than an attachment i can call my own, one where even if things are going bad, i would never **** all over, with SELFISH attitudes to try and justify my actions.

Women .. respect yourselves, have pride in your actions, and be considerate to those around you. THink how much it would hurt you if you found out he had a No.3 woman ?

fmhp fmhp
22-25, F
May 15, 2012