Support Group In Manhattan Anyone?

i know it sounds INSANE to develop a support group for "the other women" - women in affairs, in love with married men. It was a poor choice in the first place, i know it, we all do. some of us didn't even know they were taken. now they promise the world. promise to tear apart their cozy lives to be with you only to make no move. You WANT to support them and be patient, but you never see the end in sight....

You've tried and tried a million times to end it because you know it's wrong, but he keeps drawing you back in. whether he truly loves you, or not, it's still a game and chances are he will not leave his foundation of a marriage whether he's happy or not.

to those who think this is ridiculous - i get it. if anything needs support, it's the marriage - and the man, but the only way us other women can regain respect for the institution, for others and for themselves, is with support. it will help all parties.

we all have our stories and right now feel alone in the world - but this is very common and i feel like we should help each other.

if you are in and around Manhattan and can relate, please email me. i'd love to get something together to help us all move on.

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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Yes! Lets do it! I've been wondering why there isn't a support group for us....especially in a city like NY....