Sick Of All Of It

i have given everything i have to my children. and its still not enough. I had a apartment and was doing really well. One of my children left there husband and needed a place to stay. I only had a one bedroom so i told her i would rent her a house but i couldnt pay rent on both places so i needed her to let me stay there. she was fine with it. I moved in used every dime i had to rent the place. I got to stay one night and she moved some man in the next day and told me i had to leave. so i moved in with my friend till i could get another place. then my other daughter needed help so i moved in with her to help her and the kids.
my insurance ran out on my car. so i started walking to work. my other daughter took my car while i was at work and took out a telephone with it. now i have no car. she was fine by the way.
so i am still with my oldest daughter helping her with the kids ... and she has now moved in her new boyfriend. he thinks he can tell me what to do. He dont work every dime i get from work goes into this house. He tells me today that i need to start sleeping on floor. I cant take anymore. I am cant. i want out of this life. i am done.
lizza56 lizza56
56-60, F
Dec 5, 2012