So Much to Offer

I do not know if it is men in California, or men in general, or people in general, but I get so lonely at times and wonder why it is people choose to date the ones who it is evident do not treat them with respect.  I am a woman who is loving, caring, generous, sexual, giving, respectful and know how to treat my man, yet men get scared an run then end up with a woman who uses them and treats them badly.  I then hear "oh if only I would have stayed"... yeah a little too late huh?   I am not out there always looking for someone to spend time with, but at times the opportunity presents itself, and it comes down to them saying they are falling for me etc etc etc  and it is not even me saying it first, then all of the sudden they freak out and start not calling, messages few and far between then the famous words, "oh I am not ready for this", when in fact I never asked for more than friendship, it just seemed to be going in that direction. 

So, I am tired of being alone, unless I am with a guy for an evening, kissing, having some hot make out times, and he assumes I want more, so gives it, then takes it away??? 

Sometimes I just like to kiss  and its great, because hey, the attention is sweet......  but I don't want to hear lines from a man when he doesn't really feel that way...

Ok.. I'm done venting...  I am just lonely this morning.....

Hope everyone else is having a lovely Saturday!!

SweetNSassy1 SweetNSassy1
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

My story is alittle different but still feels the same. I'm in a sexless marriage and do feel alone most of the time.I too believe it has to get better.

Thanks for your kind words, I know I haven't been here in a while, but I'm back and you put a smile on my face to know someone else has faith it will get better...

it has to get better trust me dont know when cant say how but theres enough lonely people where if we just stay open to experience it will happen eventually