Who Are These People?

I think it's sickening the way we follow celebrities, especially those with no discernable talent.  It makes me weep for this country when formerly sane news outlets like Time and Newsweek devote space to losers like Snooki and the Kardashians.  Can't we at least fawn over people that have TALENT???!!!
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

If people had a life of their own...they would not be watching someone else's pitiful life.

agreed, this stuff is pure fodder and insulting to our intelligence as people. give me real talent any day!

Cheapness sells--- Sorry to say. I, too, am sick of this NON-talent being oogled over, they get their 15 minutes than its jail time. Our once great magazines now are stooping down down to this junk, where has journalism gone? We as a society have the attention span of a three year old now and real issues seem to take a back seat. Our political reps behave and even set the mood for this as well. We have become a nation of "One Hit Wonders". This stuff isn't news and shouldn't be treated as such.