I am tired of flipping through the television, watching the news, and going online just to see the same ridiculous celebrity news about who is dating whom or who was in a car accident or who walked out of a club drunk. I think it is ridiculous! Our society is more concerned with Rihanna and Chris Brown than with the rape, murder, and destruction in Sudan or the war in the Gaza *****. As a nation, we should be more concerned with our own destruction than the menial lives of individuals who happen to posses a talent we enjoy. If people began to care about genocide and war and destruction of people that aren't considered politically "valuable", I wonder what the impact would be.

themanicmind themanicmind
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I am tired of reality shows and celebrities and sports celebrities...they have forgotten if it were not for us poor people, they wouldn't be who they are. I will not endorse nor buy anything to help them stay famous or rich. I am especially sick of the Jersey Shore, the Kardashians and boring Kate minus eight! I do like Ice Road Truckers and Deadly Catch...these people have real jobs and that take skill!

Agreed. Celebrities are just people with careers that happen to be higher-profile than most. It doesn't mean the media should badger them every hour of the day. No one cares, and the reason they all end up acting so stupid is because the media drives them insane.