It seems like people that post bible verses on a site or posts something about God gets kicked off, It is not fair that they leave the basher on there to still bash people. I have had Atheists attack me, but I stand up for my faith in God then I get kicked off the site. You say anything about God then that is called shoving your beliefs down people's throat. An Atheist trash talk me all the want, but that is ok. Our government is based on Christianity there is our morals going out their door. We are allowing gay marriages to go on when we know it is against and the Holy Bible. Christians might turn away from God and that make them look like an atheist. I have been told to go picket fences. I have been told evil things. I have been.told to go where a helmet. I never called Atheists Satanic. I never said I hated gays. Stay out of the Atheist room. Be safe on here.
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Are you atheist or Christian? I am getting a bit confused with your writing.

Really? I don't know why she is doing that.

I think, she tries to add me with different kind of EP usernames. She might be needed a psychiatrist.

you can have morals without religion. its called a conscience. The Holy Bible is a book written 3500 YEARS ago; when people had a great many misunderstandings. have you ever stopped for a second and considered maybe, just maybe, the extremely narrow views in that book are just a tiny bit outdated and hateful? i mean seriously, being gay hurts nobody. let people live their lives and be married legally; if not by a church, thats understandable, but at least on paper.

Very well expressed, sweetie! :)

What is going on?