Pcl Construction Claims No Liability In Veteran's Injury Due To Flaw In Workers Compensaton Law

Canadian based PCL Constructon came to Texas and left an injured rigger behind in the multi-billion dollar MOTIVA CEP Project. Despite the fact that the worker was cleared of any wrong doing in the accident leading to his injuries PCL has failed in recognizing its moral and ethical responsibilties to the workers of our country.. and continues to do so. MRI's have reveals extensive injuries to Richard Ford's right shoulder, neck and right arm..yet PCL took the money from the project and left the rigger stranded to deal with the future on his own. Please contact PCL at 303-365-6500 and voice your opposition to this treatment of an American service veteran and to ALL workers in this country. Left unchecked..this nightmare can happen to anyone. A letter to your congressman requesting an investigation would go a long way to helping solve this problem and putting an end to BIG BUSINESS gettng laws passed which harm our workers. Please contact Richard at 409-499-9425 to voice your support. Thank you.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Wow. I know this company..... Thanks for this post. Was this a union project? If so, please contact me.