The Death Of The Twinkie: No, It Wasn't The Unions, Folks. . .

Not mentioned above: While the company was filing for bankruptcy, the Hostess executives received salary increase of $ 7.6 million.
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Oh my, I didn't mean to step on anyone's twinkie! ;)

And let me jut say--whether it's twinkies or ho hos or ding dongs, a home-baked cake with frosting, even if they are both from a box, is eons ahead of those spongy food-like creatures they call snacks.

Oh Please! I don't like or care for Chocolate. I would rather have a Twinkie or the equivalent by a Generic Brand (For which I am seeing much of ... (Thank Goodness ... ) ... ) Yellow Cake and Creamy Frosting inside is much better to me ... Is more to my liking. They already have more Chocolate other kinds of Cake and I believe the Twinkie is for those who want to get away from the Chocolate. I certainly like to stay away from Chocolate.

The world could have gone on just fine without twinkles. Now if they could keep those workers employed with a product with dark chocolate as a key component. . .

I heard they are coming back...though I never really cared for them chocolate.

Corporate America has got to get workers off Twinkies, how else will they be able to work us til were 80 if we're kicking off from Diabetes at 60? Besides all the corn syrup in our blood is less healthy to the management parasites...

No surprise there, but thx for the numbers!

Delusional to the very end. Here's what's posted at the Hostess website today ...

"We are sorry to announce that Hostess Brands, Inc. has been forced by a Bakers Union strike to shut down all operations and sell all company assets. For more information, go to Thank you for all of your loyalty and support over the years."

Here's a rag - there's something on your shoe.

Interstate - or whatever they're called this year - has been bungling its way to multi-national size for decades. Bread is a staple. Bakeries should really be run by bakers - not private equity ownership firms. Good news is little if any of the Hostess market share will go to a competing multi-national. If we're smart, most of it will gravitate to a more local(think fresher) baker.

Just what I was wonderin Crzy ..."How can we suck the last drops of sugary goo from this thing?"


you or I would be led away in shackles if we tried to loot the till similarly at our places of employment...I am tired of shrugging it off when corporate honchos claim more and more entitlements-plus they are often embraced back into the fold in a different company at an even cushier level-not at all so for lower class citizens who are usually escorted directly to the bottom rung -if they can find work in their trade.

Great post lil buddy. Another example of the corporation being used to confuse and mislead - not benefit the 'public' as intended. Few folks realize there was hardly a single corporation here in the USA prior to the 1870s & 80s. They're GREAT for getting railroads and dams and canals built - things a single person wouldn't/couldn't tackle alone. But they've been perverted into secretive, unidentifiable and unaccountable behemoths today ... too big to fail too often.

I AM sorry to see the loss of thousands of jobs, and to see the outright lies told about these workers.

But the very concept of Hostess is example of big not truly being better. Fact of the matter is you can get a much better product from a local bakery at a comparable price - Hostess had gone 'top shelf' in price, with no appreciable betterment of the product. 2-year shelf life is good for the manufacturer and the peddler - does it benefit the consumer?

The more we buy local & independent the better. And the sooner the better.

" 2-year shelf life is good for the manufacturer and the peddler - does it benefit the consumer?" Maybe if the preservatives enhance the longevity of the consumer. Ha! Not what twinkies nor preservatives are known for.

welcome to the united corperate states of amaeica how can we screw you today

Almost forgot to add....good story too.

You know more people should get really mad about this stuff as we are, and blast those greedy baztards to kingdom-come..I am sick of this legalized crime!

A couple years ago: "KittyChannel" on here had a funny Avatar I found Funny back then, cause I was buying "Little Debbie" Cakes at the time as well. And it had to do with: "Little Debbie Xanax"
(Xanax is a Medication for Anxiety).

So glad to see this hit a nerve for others, too. The narratives put out by the corporate raiders have to be challenged again and again and again.

no more twinkies makes me sad...not that I have been buying any lately...I mean I bought some like a month ago or something, but seriously...its because nobody buys twinkies anymore so they dont make money off of them...ah well there goes my zombieland dream....

Will the world really come to an end without Twinkies? I think NOT! I agree it is NOT the workers fault management did NOT do its job they should have been put out of work. It is to bad so many hard working people will suffer for the consequences of corporate greed and mismanagement.

This is what the "job creators" do. Yet people think unions are bad. In Michigan, they voted down collective bargaining being a right in its constitution.

Stupid, stupid, people. I do not understand why they want to descend into lives of poverty, servants to the wealthy. There is something very wrong with their thinking.

I totally agree... The CEO took in over 500K and will recieve a bonus for liquidating the company. This country is eating it's self! 30 years of slow painful decay at the hands of both parties buying into one set of talking points. An amazing thing. God (if you are out there) we put your name in the pledge back in the 50's so where the hell are you? Save our country!

if called to task,they can always plead the legendary twinkie defense.

If they were foolish enough to eat their own product, it could be worth a try.