Wheres The Love

This summer is too short,
The school year is so long.
And you've left me here alone,
What else could go wrong?

I've given a lot of thought,
And I think you've made a mistake.
Breaking the very heart,
That I took so long to make.

And these notes you wrote me,
They're all in my hands.
The letters bland and angry,
Words full of demands.

The papers stay crinkled,
Where my teardrops splashed.
The words clear and cut:
Our personalities clash.

Your photograph in my room,
The only light in the dark.
The snapshot in my head,
Your smile in the park.

Your scent on my pillow,
The image in my mind.
You stare at me with those eyes,
Which seemed so kind.

Where's our love gone?
Why did you waste it away.
If you never meant to leave,
Then you only had to stay.
Standing4life Standing4life
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 5, 2012

Good job on that. I hope expressing it and writting it out made you feel a little better. If not, write something really angry and burn it. Just don't burn your house down. :P