We Are Tired Of Me Crying

I have a wonderful guy that I am getting married to in 37 days. I have cried at random moments, sad, angry, and even happy moments for no reason. Or at least one that I am not willing to admit to myself yet. I take meds. I did therapy twice and thought this last time was a major improvement. Why do I feel sad and depressed all day and want to cry when I get home.
I work at a medical office catering to my doctor and the winey patients. Then come home to housework. I can’t seem to be happy even when I count my numerous blessings. I don’t know what to do turn this around.

I want to have a good marrage but even though he helps me the best way he knows how he doesn't understand why I cry so much.
tinybr89 tinybr89
22-25, F
May 10, 2012