Sick Of Crying !

How is it someone so close to you can feel so far away in just two days.
We used to talk all day and night but now its been weeks since we actually had one of our usual silly talks. We used to talk about everything! Whenever something goods happens, I would be the first one to know or the second but not never to be told at all until I have to find out from other people. When you got your first job, you screamed so happily to me. When you broke your favorite watch, you came and told me everything about it. But, now its seems that I am not as important as before.
Thinking and remembering all the times we had together just breaks me down. I still remember every single song you sang when we were alone. Every smile you had when we talked. Just remembering all this make me cry. Knowing that we used to talk everyday and now seldom makes me cry.
I just want to know why you're doing this to me? Why after all this time? After all these moments?
Or maybe I should just pretend that all we've been through actually meant something to you.
I cry nearly every time I hear a song that relates to you, see anything that brings back memories of you. But, I'm so sick of crying even if the tears won't stop falling!!
confusedwitheverything confusedwitheverything
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012