I Cry Over Stupid ****...................

Okay I know they say after you have a child that you can be emotional. But okay now its been two years going on three and by golly something has to be wrong with me. I cry because I can't find a sock. I cry because the snuggle bear on tv got toilet paper stuck to his butt. I cry because its raining and I wanted it to be sunny today. I cry because I wanted mountain due instead of pepsi. I am telling you this is out of control. I am watching a movie and by golly I will cry over something so stupid. Sometimes I am like thinking in my head omg here it comes, river of tears. I was watching a movie just this morning and it made me cry. Not even a sad movie I mean it was kinda sad but not really. However I can drop a bag of potatoes on my foot or a big can of corn or smash my finger in the door or slip and fall or be playing with my son and he knocks me on the head with his toy or he jumps on my boob and knees me or something and you think a tear with fall not even a drop. I mean sometimes I am even thinking to myself if only I could just blink really hard the tears would flow. Yeah right. I even try to make myself cry and nothing. But then that dam bear with his I gotta go and the darn toilet paper and tears running like the Nile. It is driving me insane. I don't want to cry over stupid **** anymore darn it. Will it ever end or am I going to be like this forever?
heretolisten heretolisten
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013