I Am Tired of Dateing

I find some one over the internet and hopeing it is not like the last one I got out.
And wanted money from me .
And it is the same thing.

I go out in the world to find some one and then I get hurted there one way another.

I think I am do.
Is put my self on the back burn and sit back and take some time off.
And just look.
And not jump in to in thing and waited.

I am getting older and all ways thought I need a man.
But now I just don't wanted to get involed.
Untill I meet them in pereson.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
3 Responses Mar 29, 2007

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I was lucky I met my man over the internet but we met in person after a few conversations with each other and we just celebrated an anniversary the day after thanksgiving. Not everything is a scam but it's nice to be able to meet them in person that way you get a better feel for them and what they are really about

Sounds like an intelligent decision. I am taking some time off myself from relationships. I just got out of one a few months ago. I have never dated anyone on the internet. I am so paranoid that I would end up with a psyco. I watched a program the other night on Dateline. It was about these men and women in on this scam. They were meeting people on line and forming relationships with them. What they were doing is buying all kinds of electronics and expensive things with a stolen credit card and having the items delivered to the people they met on line. They were telling these people that they had a business in another country and asking to use their address to send the merchandise. Some of these people went as far as to get engaged and lying saying they were moving here to the US to be with them. It was terrible. One guy had asked 2 different women to marry him and the whole thing was a scam.