I Am Tired of Dating

I started dating my last big mistake somewhere around a year ago. He was perfect. I mean PERFECT. My own father even fell into his trap and he doesn't like anyone! Seven months into a relationship with the most perfect guy in the world, he leaves his phone in my truck. woops. It rings and rings and rings all night. Apon returning his phone, he freaks out, accusing me of reading his texts. Obviously, I then became suspicous. It was like opening pandora's box. Pictures of his female friends (he introduced me to)giving ********, having sex, and fully nude, not to mention the texts from his ex that questioned whether or not they were still on for friday. Keep in mind that this was no young boy, but a 36 year old man who wanted to marry me! Thank God i avoided that bullet! Unfortunatly, that was the good relationship.

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agreed! i had a similar occurrence happen to me

You can do better.

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Dating will come naturally to you eventually, as you'll already have gotten to know a little about her beforehand. Don't over think or complicate it. Dating is not supposed to be about impressing anyone. Just be yourself and allow her the opportunity to see what a great guy you are.<br />
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text flirting

Lesson learned never trust anyone 100% second nobody is PERFECT duuhh third you were lucky and fourth better luck next time..

Oh sheesh that sucks!

More proof that everything happens for a reason.<br />
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Remember:<br />
Keep your chin up and a smile on your face! You never what is around the corner! :-)