I am tired of the double standard when it comes to the clothing we wear.

Women can wear any type of clothing they desire and nothing is ever said to them. It is fashionable for young women to wear guy shirts and hoodies. It is sexy if a woman wears a man's dress shirt and nothing else. Not that long ago it was taboo for a woman to wear pants out in public, now they wear outfits that look like guy's suits.

Now if a guy wants to wear a dress or skirt out in public they are ridiculed. If a guy wants to wear panties, bra or any type of lingerie they are considered a freak.

There are several more things I could list, but I think you get my point.
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<p>I think that the more we do it... become comfortable with it ourself, and become exposed to society, the more it will become accepted. Just like it did for the women when they started crossdressing. Just like it did for the hippies in the 1960's with their long hair and their own style of dressing. Just like alot of the younger groups today that no one really pays any attention to when they just do their own thing. Each of these groups went through their own period of adjustments and eventually society just eased up and let it go. Yes, some of these things turn out to be just a fad but crossdressing has been around a long time and I don't see it going out of style anytime soon. So why shouldn't we have our own place in society? We should! We just have to get out there and do it to make it happen. It isn't going to happen if we don't.</p>

I totally agree.

I believe it has to do with the perception of weather a person is going from weak to strong OR from strong to weak. Since Women are still perceived as weaker then men (I don't) for a man to dress in women's clothes means he's trying to be less. This is of course insane because we all know plenty of Women who are FAR stronger (mentally spiritually) then their male counter part.I also believe some Women still look at it as if there will be no one to protect them if they allow their hubby's to wear these clothes. The days of dragons needing to be slayed are long gone.

These are some of the same things I have railed about for decades also.