Working In a Shelter and Dealing With Morons

I am on the vet staff in our local animal shelter. I am not remotely surprised by anything that I see at this point. We have actually had people surrender their pets to us because they are going on vacation and there is no one to care for the animal. Ever hear of a boarding facility or a vet? The reasons for surrendering the pets get stranger and dumber, but the reality is always the same. During the summer months our shelter is FULL. We advise the pet owners of this and they even sign a paper stating that they know that their pet may be euthanized (killed). Enjoy your vacation.

I have stopped thousands of hearts over the past 10 years and it's just not fair. SPAY! NEUTER! ADOPT! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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4 Responses Aug 15, 2007

I hate dumb people.

I know what you mean. I have worked at a shelter for several years and people just don’t take responsibility. I had an experience were a couple drop of an adorable dog, because it did not have the look that they wanted in the breed. It’s terrible the steps people take to get around the system as well. We have had animals left in boxes and tied to the door when the shelter was close. Several times people had thrown their dogs over our ten foot fence, so they would not have to pay fees to surrender. What is the world coming to? I love the animals, but hate dealing with the idiots that come to the shelter.

Grams, you are absolutely right! The way children, animals and especially the elderly are treated in society is simply deplorable. Thanks for reading my story.

We are living in a throw away society,evident by your story, evident how our elderly are treated. Shameful....