What Is the Purpouse of It All?

So many times in life we wait for things to happen to us,we wait for the perfect job,the perfect wife or husband,the time to be just right.While we are waiting for everything in our lives to be perfect,our lives then actualy pass us by.Frankly because life is not perfect,and we have to learn to enjoy every moment we have been given,under the sun.At the end of our lives I beleive we are going o be asked certain questions:What did you do with Jesus Christ,What did you do with your time,and what did you do with your resources.

The point I am making is this,lets live life purpousefully but also taking every moment and enjoying it,lets live like Jesus said:John10:10I came so that you could have life,life as I have it,in abundance to the full untill it overflows.(Amplified Bible)

Hannes Hannes
26-30, M
2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

You can find your own way if you care enough for the living.

I know why I am here and what my purpose is,its got nothing to do with religion,and sorry to disappoint all you people who believe in God................Read my true stories,one being,I am from the future for more information