Where Is Our Sense of Outrage ?


I am writing this tonight because I am saddened to see how in today´s society our sense of outrage has gone the way of the Dinosaurs.

Nowadays it is quite common for people to look the other way in a futile attempt to ignore  the obvious. They are too busy to analyze anything,  too afraid of peer pressure to express an opinion of their own or sometimes just too ignorant to have one.

When they do get involved, I have noticed they tend to make a lot of stupid remarks on serious issues to keep matters light at all times, or  use a lot of psychobabble to justify the indefensible.

And when I see all this, here on EP and in the off line world as well, I wonder where has our sense of outrage gone , because apparently it has gone  to a land far , far away together with our good judgment and basic standards of decency and morality.

I have noticed the trend is to keep everything looking positive, and that works well when you are encouraging a friend to change careers, look for a job or get over a heartache.

But positivism and false positivism at that, is not  the answer to our daily life events.

For instance, I have wanted to create awareness on certain issues that bother me, mainly they have to do with racism, bigotry, religious wars  and child abuse.

And sadly the response I have gotten is rather disturbing at times.

In the matter of child abuse and neglect I have wondered, How can you justify child abuse ? How are you going to take the side of the parent or caregiver who abuses a child ? Where is the logic in that ? And what point does it serve , anyway? And the same goes for the other topics.

Incrediby enough, some people have managed to give incomprehensible excuses to these types of behaviour,  and others simply  have gone the holier-than-thou-way  and very sanctimoniously stated " I dont like to judge ".

Well, in this life , there are issues where it is irrelevant that you take a stance, but in matters where humans are being abused, neglected, discriminated or killed , it is important that you do.

If we want to make this world a better place we have to start with ourselves and we are not going to make it happen by using false positivism  techniques that only confuse and encourage reprehensible behavior.

We have to be positive and supportive about the good things that happen every day but we also must show righteous indignation when it is due.


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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Excellent post, UC.<br />
Celebrity status is given to people behaving badly. <br />
But before they make the front page, you have to wonder how many people turned their head away.

I can wholeheartedly agree with one thing you've said, blackjack. Many conflicts I've witnessed have shown an almost total lack of critical thinking skills among way too many people. I can't say it is necessarily the schools' fault per se, simply because if you take a look at educational techniques of decades past you'll see even less of an emphasis on critical thinking skills. I do think, however, that our schools have an opportunity- a responsibility actually- to make teaching these skills a priority.

Let me say how much I appreciate your using several paragraphs to explain you point. One thing that brothers me on EP is the trend to touch on complex issues with a one or two sentence “That’s just wrong.” and let it go. I think that kind of ultra brief remark certainly adds to shadowed thinking.<br />
<br />
I will be looking for more of your post as I am interested in what you have to say AND the fact that you are not vague or just using throw away lines to state your feelings…DD