They Fight, They Fight...they Just Don't Stop

they fight over everything! my sister and father will find anything to fight over. if its not food, or her relationship woes or money, its something petty and trivial. she loves fighting, I sometimes thing rose thinks there is this hidden camera watching her like candid camera or beetle's about. she will get an argument going and be smirking thru it or after she has everyone upset and arguing she sits in the corner smirking and sending text on her phone to her beloved and you could be excused for thinking its all staged.
she has been up last few nights til 5am and not sleeping much. I can't help her. no one helps me so I can't help anyone, we occassionally talk about stuff and exchange our misery stories but when she starts on about the del rosarios I will not get involved, she can go talk to lifeline or whoever cuz I will not get too involved in her shoving their crap at me. i haven got the answers- and i won't listen to her go on about money and lovers tiffs- when she could easily remove the problem- with Allen and stop giving him so much money and focus on getting his immigration papers here- what do they idiots talk about and why bother if they can't organize themselves to do this tribunal thing.

I get sick of rose and dad and what they are doing to mum and me, and the poor cats. she yaps her arse off all day and - she just doesn't stop- its a running commentary of what will do, is doing and wants to do, and why can't I, and they should... you can't get a minute to think your own thoughts. if ony they had a remote control mute button to shut them up occassionally. she stomps around the house, mum says "rose we are all in your way" and we are. I have been from the day I was born.

when they argue I go to my room and read or get on the net and avoid them. I have my own agenda- I have to complete my own study and yes I choose to live like this- because I don't want to try outside accommodation without the support of a loving relationship or heaps of financial security- they are my needs and I am going to be selfish over it. I have the cats to think of and after what I went thru with rick and katy and that film group -I am reluctant to trust people.

rose keeps saying she is gonna leave the house but has no intentions of doing it - or going to a shelter or priest . I don't understand her.
lilharajuku lilharajuku
36-40, F
Aug 1, 2010