Tired Of Always Feeling Guilt....

1. My mother: I feel guilty that I am not more normal and not like other 25 year olds. She has even had to lie about my life to old school friends mums which makes me feel sadder and more angry with myself then I can express in words. I feel guilty that I am not in a settled relationship, that I don't have a thriving social life, friends and that chances are I may never get married or have kids. I feel guilty that I am not in a teaching job which I know is what she wanted from me. It is easy for others to say that I can't live by what she wants but it isn't easy knowing that you are a bit of an embarrassment and also that your own mother can't even see anything positive in you.

2. I also feel guilty generally and sometimes I genuinely do think that it would be easier for many people if I had never been born. I feel guilty for silly things like if I decide to text a co worker on the first mothers day without her mum, I feel guilty that I may have made her sadder yet at the same time I know I would feel guilt if I didn't. I feel guilty if I am feeling a bit sad or worried and so go a bit quiet and that it may make people feel uncomfortable or that they have done something wrong and basically it just seems like my life is filled with a lot of guilt, mainly because I feel I never meet peoples expectations and also that I feel I hurt and upset others as I can't ever seem to do the right thing. It makes me want to cry when I think about certain things.
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3 Responses Jun 18, 2011

God loves you so much that he gave his son Jesus to die for you. If you do not accept Jesus as your savior you will go to hell. Jesus is the only way.

I'm sorry for being blunt but what you just told me is nothing to feel guilty about.
You might have severe depression it sounds to me like you do.
but remember that nobody is perfect.
You should accept Jesus as your savior if you don't know how to do it look it up on the Internet or go to church

Im sorry for you man, but step up your game.<br />
<br />
I suggest changing your whole lifestyle. <br />
IF you can leave everything behind and go to a new town, try to live there and if some one asks or mention anything just PRETEND (but you yourself must believe in it) that you was and is now a succesfull thriving person. Filled with live experiences and one who enjoys every moment of life.<br />
<br />
If you "believe" in yourself that you are that, and you change your area where you know fever people, than i gurantee you that you wil be more happy and more succesfull in anyway!