I'm Over It

I'm exhausted for thinking that each horrible thing that has happened in my life is my fault and that its only me to blame. That maybe if I acted a certain way or behaved differently that the people in my life would love me more. Once the guilt goes then the forgiveness to my family for making me believe that's true is next. If at all.
ChocSwurl ChocSwurl
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2011

Hi Chocs<br />
You need to make peace with yourself<br />
Sit in a Quiet place close your eyes and speak to your inner self soul Tell your soul what you did say you sorry ask forgiveness IT WILL BE GIVEN believe it.<br />
Tell your soul what good things you want to do ask for support and it will be given believe it.<br />
go ahead and be at peace with yourself and the world everyone is to busy to care what you do .<br />
Maybe tell your family you have made peace with everything ask them to understand <br />
Then go in peace Love you. Drink the good wine first lifes too short for the dregs.