Im So Very Sorry For Ruining Everything

My Junior year at high school i made a big mistake. My friend P told me a secret and I accidently let it slip to my friend K. K had overheard our conversation and it would have been pretty foolish to lie. K swore to never mention it to anyone but she pretty much told the whole Junior class and my friend P being embarassed left school. I felt so guilty and I tried to talk to her but all the times she walked away from me turned into me being angry and blaming everything on K for blabbing to the whole school. But I know I was wrong. I shoulda just denied it from the beginning, I shoulda told K that what she overheard was wrong instead of staying quiet and smiling awrkwardly. So this is to really am truly sorry for making you feel like im a blabbermouth. Im so sorry that I got angry at you for something that was my fault in the first place. I really messed up and I know we have all gone our own ways but Im so so so so sorry. I hope that someday u will forgive me. Even if u never want to talk to me again i understand.... im wish you the best and I am so sorry.....................

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2 Responses Aug 2, 2009

I think you need to forgive yourself. Youre only human. <br />
We all make mistakes.<br />
You are so young.... don't let this burden you.<br />
<br />
Let it go.... you are a good person!

The best thing you can do is learn from this.