Learning To Love Myself Again

Infants are selfish by nature, but it isn't their choice. They have to be selfish to survive. They are dependent and do not know how to exactly reciprocate the care provided for them.

Early in our childhood, we still tend to be full of our self. It's always me, myself, and I. But we as we grow and mature each day, we learn how to love and care for others. We learn how to forget ourselves and think of others first.

We learn to love our family by showing concern and caring and being a part of the family. We learn to love our friends as they are cause we accept them for who and what they are. We learn to love romantically when we realize we are attracted or we feel something for another.

But why is it easier to fall in love than fall out of it? Sometimes it takes so little time to know that you truly love someone, but when you get hurt and left behind, it's so hard to pick yourself up and be okay.

I fall in love so easily, sadly, I get left behind and hurt so often. I don't blame anyone for that, but sometimes I just wonder how it really feels to be loved. I once read somewhere that for you to find true love, you must learn to love yourself first and foremost. But how do you love yourself, how do I actually love myself?

I am now taking care of myself more, I eat better and exercise more regularly. I pamper myself to DIY home spa sets. And I try to actually look in the mirror and tell myself I am worth loving. That's how I understood loving yourself. Maybe, I just feel that I'm not worth loving, when I actually am. I just need to realize it.

How are you loving yourself?
lonelydinosaur lonelydinosaur
26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013