i am tired of wasting myself on friends and loved ones who cant appreciate having a person genuinely care for them. it seems like it would make anyone happy,...but i guess there really are people out there who want to feel hurt, and used and unvaluable to people. and this, makes me feel hurt. and used. and unvaluable. and i cant stand it anymore.
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2 Responses Apr 5, 2007

Just take a break from it all. Go relax. You need it before you drive yourself crazy.

Hey, I know where your coming from, because sometimes i feel the same way. And i also know a few people who i belive just wants to feel hurt all the time. But I usualy dont let it get me down. Im glad to know that im always here for anyone who needs something. Im glad to know that i do for others what they might not do for me. This might sound a little weard, but i get a feeling like a warm blanket sournding me when i do something like that, its lets me know im a good person. Just like you are, dont let it bring you down.