Life Happens.

so they say 'everything happens for a reason'. but, theres also different reasons why things happen. it used to be clear that the difficult things happen because they have to, but now i'm a little older and i find myself thinking, but why?? i rarely am satisfied with the 'because its in the plan for your life' reasoning. now, its more like, when will they stop? or why does something always happen? and though i may not confidently know the answers, i still believe things in my heart. one of those things is that everything will figure its self out eventually. its the 'eventually' part that makes the waiting through tough. and i know in my heart that if you're a good person, eventually it will reward you. my only problem is that i'm waiting for something that will be a permanant reward... not something that makes you happy for awhile and then ends. unfortunately, there are ups and downs with every situation, so even though you may have tough times with something that brings you happiness, and you may think it all might be lost- only time will tell the results. no one knows their future. and i try to think of this when i feel so lost and am doubting the future. it takes some convincing at times- but i always try to at least believe the good things i want to last, will-
brasschick brasschick
22-25, F
Apr 7, 2007