Take Ep For What It Is.

I just have to say that EP  and other sites like it are for those who wish to post their views as they feel comfortable doing so. If you  are looking for a fast paced means of expresson, this is not it. Post what ever the hell you want. This place is not meant to stimulate the senses. It is meant to give people the format to express themselves. If you want a fast paced means of expression then get the hell out of your flat and talk to a live person. 

Librastar Librastar
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

I wrote this because I kept reading post where people put down EP and those who posted in it. They would say it is boring and people should stop posting certain things. Who care what people post unless it is offensive to everyone like they want to kill others. If you like song lyrics or some off the wall story, post it. It is not our position here to judge what others feel. I had to vent a bit because I feel this site is meant to give people a voice who would otherwise not make theirs known.