I have had asthma since childhood. I am 37 years old. In my opinion my asthma actually stems from environmental allergies (changes in weather, wind, new places, etc). There is no shot or pill that will fix this. My asthma also reacts to monthly hormone changes. I don't have full blown asthma attacks. I have periods of extreme discomfort and shortness of breath that last for days on end. Friends, family, people in my life don't understand... I don't want to go outside during these periods,
I don't want to laugh, I don't want to talk. When I can't catch my breath is just want to stay in a safe place close to my nebulizer.

Colds are my worst enemy. I currently have a cold. I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I have been sick for 3 weeks. I am on the slew of all meds asthmatics are familiar with. Asthma sucks... It is very depressing.
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i know how you feel, doctora are a pain in the *** too, ive made more ER visits than a person who has cancer.. it sux.. so bad.. i cant even be around 2nd hand smoke, certain foods trigger it, plus i been sick since january with this bullshit.. and its AUGUST!!! *** asthma and bronchitis, the 2 of them combined is deadly..

i agree with u it stems from environmental allergies.i aslo ve asthma it comes often but not full blown.but am copin with and makin reserch to see if i cud come up with a drug dat could cure it and alo hlp dose suffering from it.