Boooo Go Away

I woke up with one so after I ate breakfast I took two Excedrin

Now my headache is back again........

This headache business has been going on for a few days and if it weren't for the Excedrin I'd be having a marathon of a headache.  Go away headache, please.  

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6 Responses Jan 11, 2009

Yeah, caffeine does help a lot. The thing is though, I'm trying to cut back on the caffeine. I definitely have to check out Excedrin Migraine. Up to now I've only used just the regular Excedrin. Thank you toby =)

My stepmom used to get some rough migraines that killed her vision and speech for hours on end. She was a coffeeholic though, need(ed)s a full teaspoon in half a cup of water chased with a proper teaspoon in a full cup within an hour. Not sure how she does now for her fix but it was odd to me then.<br />
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Yea, girl get some new batteries and call me out loud!

haha yeah I know sex can cure headaches! That's probably why when I was having it, I rarely got headaches.<br />
<br />
Now from that, you can probably guess how things are going in that department these days.

Reports say that the headache excuse really is counter to the reality. Sex can cure headaches! No that's not some subtle hint, It's actually a pitch for my new medical practice. Enough with the numbers, I want to be useful to society (women in particular)

Yeah, it really is. I didn't have one today though, which is very very good :)

Time to get expert help maybe?