PAIN to the Fifth Power!

I was always in pain, way before the surgery. Now it's even worse. burning, pulling, stretching, raw feeling i always have in my stoamch regieon. I take 5 tylenol pms at night and four during the day. Last time i webt to doctor, the meds they gave me didn't work/ But they won't give me any other kind. I feel like they are out of business if we ever are out of pain.

41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Well that is not the case in all states they all have different criterias for being Pain Management specialist this state they all push spinal blocks and never look at meds at all to control back pain

BOOHOO have you tried a pain clinic?<br />
You are more apt to get the longer lasting meds like MS contin that works over an 8 hour period or the duragesic patch which works for three whole days.<br />
The doctors at the pain clinics Know the pain your in and understand it better so they treat it for real and treat it well.<br />
You should call around and see if there are any near you.<br />
Excuse my language, but **** your doctor, if he does not understand nor care enough to understand what you are going through.<br />
Best of luck to you.

I am sorry that you too have to go through this experience. Please hang in there and keep on looking for a pain specialist who will believe you and give you the meds you need. The ones you are on are not the best for your kidneys or liver and will end up hurting you if they are not discontinued and you are given something more able to help ease soe of your pain. I know by experience that you will probably never be pain free but you will eventually be able to deal with it, after they get the level under a 6.<br />
Keep on keeping on and hang in there, there are lots of people here who can help you get through this. <br />
My best to you. Chris