Let´s see,

This idiot lost his kids.
Lost his job.
And lost his minds to drugs.

I don´t see any "winning" ,  just a degenerate , self serving, toothless loser.

But Hollywood and apparently a big group of Americans love their trainwrecks and druggies as long as they are rich , of course, and somehow find a way to justify their behaviour.

So much for the American War on Drugs. So much hypocrisy.

If U.S. authorities were serious about the War on Drugs this man should be in a padded cell in jail together with all his dealers and yes men, instead of babbling incessant nonsense to the media and to all his flock of mindless followers.

I said it before and I said it again, we are witnessing the Dumbing Down of Americans in a large scale.

It is truly pathetic.
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9 Responses Mar 8, 2011

For what my opinion is worth I think what is happening to Charlie Sheen reminds me of how the locals would travel to Bedlam to jeer at the patients for entertainment. I work in the mental health field and the staff there is convinced he is besides being an addict, bipolar. <br />
Besides with the horrific tragedy of Japan why waste time on Charlie Sheen. I think at best he is a diversion from more disturbing, depression news. <br />
They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. Well what is so right losing one's job, kids?

If I had a diary, I would thought you read it and copied all my words about celebrities and their cattle, err, sheeps.<br />
You have lots of good sense and a brain!<br />
Judging by the fans of his jokes, people with brains are difficult of finding out.<br />
So many speeches against machos/misogynists and winners and they are praising a wife and girlfriend beater with arrogant bollocks in each sentence he says... Hey, celebrities are gods in US and everywhere...

Drug induced psychosis - he should be committed to a mental hospital as a danger to himself and others. I hope his will is in order.

Charlie Sheen epitomises the phrase, 'self-praise is no recommendation'. He thinks he is great - he is as narcissist as they come. sadly many are following in his footsteps............

I didnt know what you were talking about and just checked him out on video. I was shocked! If he is good or bad is not the isssue, the guy is psychotic and it is sick voyeurism to have him on tv. The stations should be ashamed of themselves.

Dreamingbig, we've been paying big bucks to celebrities long before Charlie. It's really messed up.<br />
Third Grade Teacher - $35, 000<br />
Guy Who Can Throw a Football - $3,500,000<br />
<br />
We happen to know someone who was working with Martin Sheen (dad) during one of his son's drug episodes. He called the police himself and had Charlie arrested. I think sometimes there is only so much a family can do. Especially when the sick person is surrounded with money, celebrity, and enablers.

I feel sick that we are witnessing a human being self-destructing. I agree with Lilt.

If you have never been around someone who is bipolar, during a manic period, you are very fortunate. Sheen is exhibiting every single characteristic.

I'm sick of hearing about him too, but I live in Los Angeles and it is unavoidable.