Thoughts On Gun Control, Right To Bare Arms, And The Mentally Ill

With the tragic events that happened yesterday in CT my mind has been thinking about the US, our world, the victims of what happened yesterday.

Yesterday I was away, and I was very grateful. I didn't want to sit and wade through everyone's opinions about the tragic events that took place yesterday. The truth is, WE WILL NEVER understand why HE did it. No one can get into the mind of a person that would commit such a crime.

But there's another issue that's been weighing on mind. I watched yesterday as people posted about gun control, the mentally ill, and how this ALL needs to stop. I was frustrated, appalled at the conversations happening around me.

Why is it so hard for us to stop what we're doing, and just remember those being affected by this tragedy, why is it so hard for us to be there for them, send a helping hand, and reach our hands out for comfort instead of talking about the issues, trying to find the answers.

We are all grieving as a nation right now, but the truth is: there are no laws, no services that could have helped the person that had done this whether if it was caught early or not.

I am saddened to see so many people going off on the "mentally ill." Yes, there are people out there that need help, and there are many more people out there thinking about tragic crimes that may happen in the future again.

But no amount of gun control laws, no amount of services, or help being provided WILL stop those people from committing such tragic acts. If it's in their mind, they will find a will, a power to make it happen if this is their last wish.

As the comparison between the mentally ILL. This one truly made me sick to my stomach. There are a variety of people out there with mental illness, and I know many of these people are capable of owning a gun, and I even know that the majority of those with a mental illness ONLY want to cause harm to themselves and "no one else." So, why are so people out there making a comparison to the mentally ill? But, sure, this is creating conversations, but if a person has never dealt with a person with a "mental illness" I don't think they are the ones that should be giving an opinion on the matter. They are the ones that shouldn't be making the decisions.

The other part, for people that so out there. In order to get help they must want to help. By this point in their lives they are so far in their own worlds, so much hatred has taken over them, that this last act is to show the "world" that they've had enough. How many times has a tragic crime happened and afterwards when people talk about the person you hear "they were such a good person, they were so quiet, kept to themselves?" Mental illness is getting a bad name. It is not something to be feared for, but it something that is VERY real in our world. Something that just shouldn't be covered up, but the people that are truly suffering may not even KNOW how to get help, may NOT even want the help. In order to get help they must want it, no one else can push it upon them, and that is a growing concern too. Do you realize how much work goes into trying to "better" yourself, and how much fear comes from admitting you have a problem?

It's because "it is so easy to do." People need something to blame, when in actuality, there is ONLY one person to blame, the person that CREATED this tragic crime. We sit here, looking for answers, trying to CONTROL what we CAN not control.

As far as gun control? Yes, it is our 2nd Amendment right to "Bare Arms." This law was created so the government could never become too powerful, for people, to bare arms, so if they need to overtake the government, they'd have the proper means to do so. It is there to protect us as a nation.

But again, any criminal, if the means and wants ARE so direly there, will find a way to create such a crime. If guns were banned completely, what would stop them from using knives, swords, or even fire to create heinous crimes? We are trying to STOP something that we JUST can not stop.

We are trying to UNDERSTAND something that we just can't comprehend. But the fact is, this person made a mark.

With any tragedy, the online world goes amuck, everyone has an opinion, and they won't shut up until it is heard. I am just sick to my stomach by the actions of everyone around me right now. I am sick of the conversations, of the opinions.

And of course, I just had to share my opinion too, didn't I?
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

This is one of the best opinions I've read. It captures many of my own feelings on the subject that I am not able to articulate nearly as well as you did. I'm only sorry I didn't read this sooner when it was more relevant.

Gun control people want to disarm vets. We trusted them to carry a gun to defend the nation ?

Makes absolutely no sense, does it?

Makes me think there is an agenda . However, if there is a clandestine government planned abuse of power... There are enough weapons circulating to arm those who are combat tested and defended the constitution and us with their lives . Something the left fears and can not understand... Selfless acts of loyalty !

This is something the left does not understand.

If there really is no way to stop people from killing babies what's so wrong about making it as easy to get a gun as it is Sarin Gas or Anthrax?

Weapons of mass destruction can never be confused with a personal firearm.

Are you seriously suggesting LESS people die every day from firearms than they do from Sarin or Anthrax?

You must be sniffing that stuff...sarin and anthrax are banned globally