~ Fam!ly Farew3ll ~

The FAMILY FAREWELL came last year : )

 I let my FAVORITE COUSIN & KIDS stay with me 4 a couple of months . It was going 2 B so GREAT, 2 families living under one roof. WOW !!!

Not so much ??? WHAT IS THIS I asked myself constantly. WE totally could not have had the same house rules. I wanted 2 keep the house clean. NO cooking after 12 am. But that didn' t happen captain !!! WE ALWAYS fought about the kids, cleaning  & whos food is this . It got so bad I didnt want 2 come home sometimes. THAT WAS A SHAME ! Never Ever Again. I will never do it again. I love my family, but from a far PLEASE :  )    FAREW3LL My F@M!LY

MzMoneymaker MzMoneymaker
31-35, F
Feb 7, 2010