I Hate Grumpy Ppl

I am one of those people that tries to smile and say a kind word no matter how they feel. I think it's only fair, only polite to try to lighten up the mood, no matter how much one is suffering. We all have problems, after all.

But some people simply react badly to your light. They try to put you down. They react like you are the enemy, or somehow you bothered them when you were just trying to cheer them up.

And it hurts, and they don't see it, as most of the time I keep on trying to be polite, appoligize if it was taken badly, and try to somehow bring the relationship back to a relaxed, loving level.

But the truth is, I hate you when you are doing that. Why try to kill my light? Don't you know how hard I try to keep it alive? Don't you know it would only take one relaxed word from you in return, just replying gently? That I have already done most of the work and you only need to receive what I am bringing?

Seriously, you don't deserve my cheerfulness, you should get stuck in your darkness and grumpyness and live with it. I shouldn't have to cope with it. I try to modulate my darkness, and be there for you.
Eliambra Eliambra
26-30, F
Nov 26, 2012