Heaven Or Hell Or Some Where In Between ?

I was dicussing my views on religion today with my husband. I had just finished reading a pamphet I recieved at my door. I'm sure some of you may be familar with it called: The Watch Tower. A pamphet from a Jehovah witness religion. Myself I have my own personal beliefs when it comes to religion.And at this point I won"t go into great detail about what I believe or disbelieve. My point in writeing this is to let one know there are many ways of viewing religion or even believeing their is a God. We have those that worship statues,Buddas,etc. Myself I pray to a invisable God because I believe there is a God. I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell. I believe where we live now is a holding area or a testing ground before death. Who"s to say there is a God? I believe but why should the next person believe? We can"t see him. And if there is God what form ,shape species is he? Through time there has been so many stories interpeted in differant ways on how we should be. Rules to follow. I guess you call them the ten commandments of God. What did really happen at the beginning of all time with Adam and Eve? I know what I was taught but how much through time has things been rewrote to even change the story or events that happened so long ago? Look at the world and what has happened through time of differant dissaters that have happened and still are. Who"s to say why one person sees things like apparitions and the next person doesn"t ? Or Ufo"s,Big foot,Lockness monsters etc. Do you chalk it up as well these people have issues ? What gives us the right to judge what does go on in this world of ours? On the most part they are happening and we don"t have the power to stop them. All kinds of events have gone on for centuries on this planet.And we are limited on what we can and can not do. Beliefs that there is a God is your choice. I have chosen mine. It gives me a sense of peace that there might be such a place. And my God will recieve me into his home. What"s your choice in your beliefs? We won"t know for sure till death takes us from this Earth. I guess if we don"t ever wake up in to a Heaven or a Hell we may just be caught in a place in between called no where. Ashes to ashes ,dust to dust with just some ones memory of us that we once existed.
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Mar 11, 2011