Don't Shove Your Beliefs In My Face...

....I will respect your religion, and I wouldn't even think to change don't go trying to change mine.

It irritates me how there are people in this life who like to point out whatever single thing you're doing is wrong......because they think it's a sin. It's ridiculous! Then, they think the best way to 'cure' you is to convert you to their ways. No, thank you. I'll believe what I want, I'll live my own life.

Don't go preaching to me that your way of thinking will save the human race.....because it's not. Humanity has to find it's own way to survive, and I'm not even sure if religion will play a part in it. Perhaps it will, who knows?

If you think how some people live their lives is utterly 'sinful' in your eyes, then discuss amongst people who already share your point of view.
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Oct 5, 2011