I Am Indeed

I will never be able to acquaint myself with religious people. We're just polar opposites. I can only handle so much bullshit before I snap and I would say and do a lot more if I could do so without some type of law intervening. They prefer to lead a life of dominion, they're mentally docile. Many religion requires a submission to 'God'. I simply cannot to that. It'd be one thing if the religious people would not be quite so assertive and overbearing. I have found my philosophy, it's my preference of lifestyle. And people act shocked when I constantly slander religion in rants . I feel if they're not going to stay quiet or respective of FREEDOM I am not going to respect their views. That's another one of the main things I disagree with in most religion, the idea of treating everyone respectfully. Frankly I say **** that, some people are not deserving nor worth my patience.
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Jan 16, 2013