True Story

Back in 2004 my family went on vacation in our camper. Being the good democrats we are, we had Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on our camper and truck.  We got to the beach, set up camp next to other campers like we always do.  As I was returning from the bathhouse, the lady next to us was walking by and asked me "Are you a believer?" I was taken aback. I thought "Oh no, here we go, she sees my Kerry/Edwards sticker and thinks I'm a heathen with no morals! I told her no, I was not a believer. She got this evil look on her face, turned and stormed away!  I thought "Holy ****!"  About 15 minutes later, we hear this gospel music blaring from a radio. We think "ok" and go spend a nice afternoon at the beach with the kids. That evening we were sitting outside quietly listening to the speeches of the Democratic National Convention on XM radio and these people put on that guy Savage blasting loud again! My husband went and asked them to please turn it down and they turned it louder soooooooo we went up to the Ranger and talked to him about it. He came and asked them to turn it down. They did. Then about 3am, these people started blasting some religous service on the radio!  Holy Moly! We couldn't believe it. So, we turned the stereo on in the camper to drown out the sound. The next morning we went back to the ranger station and he came and made those people move but it was quite an experience.  First of all, it was none of that lady's business if I was a "believer" but I was so shocked to be asked, I didn't have time to think adequately to measure my reply. So that's one story of holier than though religious people.  They are for real!

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Thank you. It was just appalling, that's all. it just goes to show you how far people will go. At least they didn't try to burn our camper down! LOL

Thats awful really bad to tell you the truth, I wish that never happened to you but I'll be honest I am not suprised