Letting The Biotch Out Of Her Cage Tonight

I hate to get “bitchy” on you, but this post has been simmering in my brain for so long I literally have a headache from the toxic waste it is producing so here it is for all to read in black and white.

I get tired of all the cattiness that this place breeds. I will state this for clarification, if a man is friends with me that is where it begins and ends. Of all the women on this site I am probably one of the least threatening to other women (although they seem to see it otherwise.) Here is why I am one of the least threatening. I am not looking for a man to have an intimate relationship with on any level; I have a man in my life that fulfills that every need, and I am not looking to replace him. I am not looking for a one night stand or an easy ****; I have a man that will let me saddle up any time of the day that I wish to have him, and to put it frankly he is nicely endowed and doesn’t mind to whip it out and show it to me any time I ask so that is not an unfulfilled need for me either. I have been in the same relationship with my man for a long time and I am devoted to him and no one else. His needs are all that matter to me and his opinion is one of few that matters to me. So please do not try to save me from “the player” because I just do not give a sh*t who is and isn’t a player. Don’t bother telling me how so in so hurt so in so because I could not give less than a **** about that either. Don’t bother gossiping about other people to me because I don’t want to hear that, and I have found from recent experience, most of that is made up any way in a jealous attempt to hold on to a man that never wanted you in the first place. Oh and while we are at it GET OVER YOURSELF and realize that you put your panties on just like every other woman here and in real life and that you are not God’s gift to humanity. I won’t even take the time to out you because you have done enough of that yourself, haven’t you? Mind your own business and stay out of everyone else’s and the world would be just fine.

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Well... sometimes I go commando. ...just saying.

I feel you. Completely. I confess. I was one of those people who got their knickers twisted right up the yin-yang. I knew stuff was going on, I knew with who (or is it 'whom'?) and I knew stuff I didn't want to know. I made it my business to be the great policeman of EP and protect everyone from themselves. I'm not actually an immature woman, and wasn't then. I lacked wisdom. I'd been married for twenty years and the 'digital age' wasn't around when I was dating. I didn't know how the internet and human husbandry interacted. For some reason, I thought, quite naively, that this space was pure; I thought that people were actually 100% themselves here with no hidden agenda and no ulterior motives. I thought that because that's how *I* am here. My learning curve on that one was slow... but I did learn.

You're right, on all counts. Many women perceive their online lovers as their own and don't like it when their conquests show evidence that they've been conquered by more than one. And so they whip out their digital peni and mark their territory by any means necessary. Guilty as charged on this count too. But, we can both laugh together now as we look back on this sort of folly. Laughter is the medicine that heals best so thank you for contributing to my recovery!

ouch. i can hear the sound of that slap.

Oh my gosh. This sounds like it has been simmering with you for a long time and it has finally been vented out. I hope you feel much better now. It's always good to release heavy emotions now and then.