Lol I Know What You Mean But......

If they are judgemental then they don't know it all.

Just what I think.

My uncle was here one day and he kept talking down to my family and mainly me because I am "lazy idiot who draws great things and plays computer games and other things that are SELFISH AND NOT NEEDED." - My uncle.

I should work at intel and become a slave to intel while he makes money delivering bread, WHAT'S BREAD COMPARED TO MY ******* EMOTIONS and he said all it and he has his own self made sort of company and he should be helpful and I'm over it and I will help him because he's family if I'm ever like that to my nephew or neice then I want something mean said to me. Like meaner than something like if someone said I was a killer of something that I really liked like umm I like owls so if someone said I kill and eat baby owls and made everyone I care about believe it then yeah, that's how I want him to feel and how I want to feel if I think I can talk to my neice or nephew like that, and infront of my sister if I said they were failures infront of some other person my age or near it.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013