It's Funny Because...

I want to live by my own standards and have my own opinions, rules, and ideas but everytime I sit down to write my own rules my brains freezes. I know they are in there somewhere, but when I want to find them they are impossible to retrieve! Sometimes it makes me feel kind of small. Powerful people have rules and ideas and they are confident in them, that's something that makes them so powerful. I want that. My English teacher recently gave out a Code of Ethics project, and I honestly spent hours searching for those 10 things I truely believed passionately about. Am I the only one? I'm sure I'm not because for everything I do I have this instant thought that someone somewhere else in the world is doing or feeling the same thing. It's kind of comforting.
whitmarie whitmarie
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1 Response Dec 11, 2010

You are not the only one who feels or thinks this way. Trust me. I think it's part of our 'evolved' train of thoughts that make us notorious for having such 'advanced' brains. And, being women, we get the added bonus of over-thinking everything. In all honesty, that's probably the real issue at hand; not that you can't figure out your exact beliefs of how you should go about your life. Think about it. There's more than black and white. There's so many different colors in our spectrum that it'd be impossible to define them all perfectly. We can try. One may be "blue," while another is "navy," while another is "indigo," and another is "violet." But what about all the shades in between even those? And what you may perceive as "red" to you may appear as "orange" to me. What I'm trying to say here is that Rules For Life are actually way to abstract to write down and put exact boundaries on. There are always exceptions and gray areas. Follow the Rules laid out by your heart and mind -- your conscience and your instinct. Throw some emotion in there while you're at it. Despite what some people may say about impulsiveness versus practicality, I believe that, so long as it feels right to you, then who cares? Live for yourself and set your own rules, but don't stress yourself out over it or you'll be accomplishing the opposite! <3